About Us

Our Team of students work hard every week to get the news to you.


AM@CM puts out a weekly news show covering the sports, announcements, and community of Cheyenne Mountain High School. Led by producers, Phillip Choate and Parker Craddock, as well as technical producer, Samuel Chew, the AM@CM staff writes, films, and edits their own original content. The award winning class has been running for twenty years, twelve of which have been taught by Mr. O’Brien.

Bryson- Bryson is excited for AM@CM, because it is 100% student-run so it gives him a sense of pride to be a part of it. He runs through the lens, helps the sports team, and anchors Bryson’s Brain busters. One funny fact about Bryson is people think he looks like Steve from stranger things


Jackson- Jackson is a senior anchor who also doubles as the head writer and website coordinator for Am@Cm. He enjoys sports, film, and acting. Jackson is so excited to see how am@cm will grow this year.


Parker- With Parker’s second year of AM@CM, he couldn’t be more excited to make new and creative content. Parker is a senior and one of our production leaders in the class. He enjoys filmmaking but in his spare time works on excelling in acting, writing, and culinary arts. His only wish for this new year of news is for Cheyenne to “Stay Classy”.


Phil-In Phil’s final year of AM@CM, he couldn't be more proud of the progress the School News had made over his three years. Phil’s “right hand man” and vice-producer, Parker Craddock has been creating content with Phil since 8th grade T-Bird Tv. He hopes you enjoy the show.


Dillon-Dillon enjoys entertaining people with videos. Filmmaking has become a passion over the last year. He strives to make quality content to make others laugh. 


Josh- Josh is the graphics person here at Am@Cm and is so excited to be part of the class this year. He enjoys the class environment and how his work is noticed. Outside of am@cm Josh plays baseball and call of duty. 


Jack- Jack is very excited about AM@CM this year and is proud to be the main sports anchor for the show. Jack brings energy to the show and loves being on camera every single week. He is a three sport athlete himself so his sports IQ is vital in bringing the most accurate information to the public.


Mitch- Mitchell is a second year AM@CM crew member. Mitchell is an avid football player and climber. Mitchell is looking to pursue film as his permanent career. Mitchell loves animals as well, having two dogs and two cats. 


Chew- Chew is our head tech here at am@cm and he works on filming and editing the show every week. He loves film and photography. He also really wants to own a gold fish.


Lena- Lena Bagwell is a Junior who has been in AM@CM since 2018. She has since then filmed and edited an array of videos and enjoys her job thoroughly. Her main role is behind the camera, filming small news pieces.


Fred- This is Fred’s first year here at AM@CM. He’s known as Mr. Inside Cheyenne. Some other activities he does is that he runs the Smash Club and he also enjoys swimming. You’ll see him often on camera in our regular segment, Inside Cheyenne as well as some other segments as well.


Nagle- Nagle is someone that barely anybody knows is a part of Am@Cm because he is rarely on camera. When Danny does feel like being on camera though, his higher-ups are scared of the raw power that he creates on screen, so they never air it.

Ben-     Ben Rubin is a sophmore in his first year with the AM@CM crew.  He participates in Baseball and Speech and Debate. He mostly does explains certain events or activities such as the Youth Advisory Council or the Canned Food drive. He may have seen two of him at once on some shows.  He’ll see you next time.

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