About Us

Our Team of students work hard every week to get the news to you.


AM@CM puts out a weekly news show covering the sports, announcements, and community of Cheyenne Mountain High School. Led by producers, Bryson Frazee, Emma Czohara and Danny Nagle, as well as technical producer, Donovan Gomez, the AM@CM staff writes, films, and edits their own original content. The award winning class has been running for over twenty years, fourteen of which have been taught by Mr. O’Brien.

Bryson Frazee - I have been doing video production since sophomore year, and it went from just a credit to a real passion of mine. This year I got the privilege of being the head producer of AM@CM. I am very proud of how this group has overcome the immense obstacles of this year and still manages to put on a show. I look forward to the shows to come.

Emma Saraha- Emma is one of the "producers" this year, but apparently a bio is too much work... French is a language Emma takes

Pierre Agbo - Pierre is very glad to be a part of AM@CM this year. He’s loved video production his whole life and has a lot to contribute this year. He knows a lot about cameras and plans on studying communications and media in college. He’s originally from West Africa and his first language is french.

Molly Bergeron - Molly is one of our graphics people here at AM@CM. She specializes in using Adobe After Effects and has been teaching herself to use the program for around 4 years. This is Molly’s first year in AM@CM and she already enjoys it a lot.

Katy Campbell - Katy is really excited about her first year at AM@CM. She films and edits a different variety of videos. She really enjoys being part of AM@CM because of how fun and how much you can learn in this class. Her name is spelled differently because some people don’t understand why her name is spelled katy and not katie.

Aidyn Dahl - Aidyn is very happy to be a part of the AM@CM crew as it’s a good environment for today's stressful school system. He helps others with their projects behind the scenes and creates videos for school events. He hopes to see you around.

Donovan Gomez - Donovan is excited to be a part of AM@CM, he makes individual packages with his peers and helps the tech with equipment and filming of the anchors. Donovan hopes to grow his skills with production and film through the class.

Liz Harder - Liz is always hyped to be on AM@CM and work with everyone, along with meeting new people in Am@Cm, and getting to meet new students in the process of filming, and doing segments for class. She runs Lunch Time With Liz, and helps other students edit/ film their segments. She hopes to continue doing AM@CM until she graduates because she enjoys the community and projects. Liz also loves gummy worms, so if someone who would buy Liz gummy worms sees this, don’t be shy.

Fyfe Johnstone - Fyfe is always happy to show up to AM@CM and work with others because of the great community and class discussion that always occurs. He has run or assisted a variety of projects due to the flexibility available in the class. Fyfe is obsessive with Taco Bell Hot Sauce and puts it on everything.

Hayden Klausmeier - Hayden runs the political segment on the show, and loves the sense of autonomy the students have with their work in the class. He’ll be going to college for Film or Political Science, so it all checks out over here.

Lucius A. Luedtke - With it only being his first year in AM@CM, Lucius has done a surprising amount of work on projects and even has his own segment with Retro Hour. He takes his time with his work in order to create the best segments he can, no matter the topic. So it goes without saying that he loves what he does and will continue to work as hard as possible throughout the rest of the year.

Claire McAllister - Claire is a junior and is thrilled to be a part of the production of AM@CM. Claire has been interested in film for as long as she can remember, but only started taking video production last year. In the past she has mainly focused on theatre, but is excited to be expanding her production knowledge. She hopes to see you around, and is excited to see how this unusual year plays out.

Miles Morosi - This is Miles’s first year of am@cm. Over the past year and a half he has enjoyed learning about filmmaking, and creating videos. Miles is also creative. He was the runner up in the Wisconsin butter carving competition twice and loves to try anything from tinker toys to legos. Email him you want a beautiful bird house. This year he is looking forward to creating more projects for am@cm this year.

Fred Novel - This is Fred’s second year here at AM@CM. You’ll see him often on camera in some of our regular segments. Some other activities he does is that he runs the Smash Club and he also enjoys swimming. 

Jack Osinski - Jack is looking forward to his last semester of high school and he can’t wait to spend it with the great team of AM@CM. His main focus will be on sports and thankfully there will be enough for him to cover this semester. Even through complications and adversity, he will strive to do his best work each and every week. One funny fact about Jack is people hate on him for disliking ketchup.

Riley Suckling - Riley is a sophomore and is very excited to be in her first year of AM@CM. She is in student council and mostly does videos announcing events for them, but also enjoys working behind the scenes on other projects.

Dillon Svarverud - Dillon is the Main Anchor of AM@CM and is excited to improve on his quality of videos. This is Dillons second year of AM@CM and is always open to do whatever is open to be done. With his witty and sarcastic personality he hopes to make somebody laugh while watching AM@CM.

Elijah Williams - Elijah Loves AM@CM for the graphics and skills he learns by spending time with the AM@CM team. He does graphics for whoever needs them and experiences new challenges along the way.


Nagle - This is Nagle's second year in AM@CM. He is one of the two junior producers and is an outstanding editor. From sports cameraman to producer, he has served AM@CM wonderfully.